About Us

The Mobile Land Systems (MLS) Group has set out to design and develop a range of land systems products that offer its clients world class, cutting edge technologies provided by a privately owned group of companies.


Research, engineering and development of MLS’s products take place in its group facilities in the United Arab Emirates and Europe. Manufacturing operations are undertaken at MLS’s state of the art production facility spanning over 35,000m2 in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.


With a comprehensive portfolio of products and technologies, and a production track record of some of the largest quantities in the region, MLS is a world class partner for clients globally.

What We Do

In addition to our objective of creating the best solution to protect your assets, our ultimate aim is to continue protecting you. From assessing the feasibility of a project to researching emerging technologies as well as those with a proven track record, we work together with the customer to manage the process throughout all stages of planning, development, testing, delivery and through life support.

MLS’s Base range of products and expertise vests within the following products and systems:


  • Armoured Vehicles
    • Military Vehicles Platforms
    • Paramilitary Platforms
    • Commercial Vehicle Armouring
  • Non-Armoured Vehicles
    • Special Vehicle Conversions
    • Harsh environment specialist vehicles
  • Electronics
    • Jamming
    • Long range Surveillance
    • Secure Communications