Company Values

MLS realises that the key to success is people. We invest not only in infrastructure and technology, but also in the people who make it possible for MLS to innovate and deliver quality products to its clients.


We ensure that our researchers, engineers and consultants are skilled and dedicated to creating high quality products and services based on real needs, delivered on time and to budget.


We expect our personnel to understand our core values and to operate in line with our guiding principles.

Company Values

  • Ownership. Our employees work to a common goal.
  • Trust & Integrity. At every level of the business we expect integrity in everything we do.
  • Manufacturing Excellence. Every department plays a role in building our quality products.
  • One Team. We must be fair, loyal and disciplined in our approach to meeting our company’s Mission.

Company Guiding Principles

  • Customers are the Focus. In everything we do, we must keep in mind the needs of our customers. Their continued business allows us to grow.
  • Innovation is required to stay ahead. MLS must never settle for the norm. Innovation must be promoted, our employees must be encouraged to observe and share their ideas.
  • Teamwork. Our employees are our greatest asset. Whatever an employee’s role, he or she is part of a wider team that must be supported.
  • Quality. As one team we must strive for quality in our products. If a vehicle is not ready to hand over to a customer our employees must work together to complete any outstanding tasks.
  • Health and Safety. Every employee has a role in ensuring we progress towards a safe environment in which to work.