Commercial Armouring

MLS offers armouring of commercial vehicles to European BR and VPAM specifications. Our designs offer a discreet but highly reliable protection not only to VIPs but any individual who is exposed to different types of physical threats.


MLS’s engineering and production teams understand the unique intricacies and challenges associated with increasingly high levels of protection required in VIP vehicles. MLS utilises highly advanced state of the art materials to design and fabricate the client requested protection envelope.


All vehicles feature premium run-flat inserts, upgraded tyres, fuel tank protection, and optional protection for major engine components (radiator, battery box, fuse box, ECM). Other customized protection options are available on request.

The MLS Cadillac Escalade is armoured to VPAM 10, a higher level of protection than the vast majority of armoured commercial vehicles on the market. We use ceramic composite armour systems to improve protection levels whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

The Lexus LX570 is available in both escort and VIP variants. Keeping the OEM styling throughout, from the outside this is a standard looking Lexus LX570. Keeping the exterior styling as close to OEM as possible ensures the vehicle doesn’t draw unnecessary attention.

One of the most dependable vehicles on the planet, the Toyota Land Cruiser is legendary for its ability to transport its occupants safely through almost any terrain. MLS has been armouring Toyota Land Cruiser 200s for clients around the world since 2008, becoming one of the most popular up-armoured SUVs on the market.

The GMC Yukon Denali offers the user a high level of comfort within elegant surroundings for which the GMC Denali range is synonymous. Perfect for use as diplomatic transport, or for everyday use by high-ranking corporate officials in dangerous areas, the Yukon is available in a multitude of protection levels ranging from moderate to severe.

The GMC Sierra pickup offers a more covert alternative to providing clients with protection for their logistics or surveillance personnel than a vehicle such as the Toyota Landcruiser 79.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is renowned for its suitability for conversions to armoured vehicle platforms such as cash in transit vehicles and guard vehicles. Rugged and durable, the Land Cruiser 79 pickup thrives in extreme conditions and has been continually upgraded and adapted to ensure it retains its edge in performance, reliability, and heavy-duty torque – characteristics that have become legendary and make it an ideal candidate for economical vehicle armouring.