Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series

The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is renowned for its suitability for conversions to armoured vehicle platforms such as cash in transit vehicles and guard vehicles.


Rugged and durable, the Land Cruiser 79 pickup thrives in extreme conditions and has been continually upgraded and adapted to ensure it retains its edge in performance, reliability, and heavy-duty torque – characteristics that have become legendary and make it an ideal candidate for economical vehicle armouring.


The TLC 79 matches the MLS vehicle range standard features within the single armoured cabin includes fire suppression systems and intercom systems. It is offered in numerous styles dependent on client specifications such as with the inclusion of a turret mounted in the cargo area. The TLC 79 is armoured to B7 protection levels.

Armouring Levels

  • B7

Key Features

  • PA system
  • Optional turret for gunner protection
  • optional exterior / interior concealed intercom system.
  • Dual batteries with isolation switches.
  • Combat Locks
  • Optional gun ports
  • Roof escape hatch
  • Client specified engine protection

Variants & Applications

  • Guard Vehicle
  • Escort Vehicle
  • Logistics Vehicle

Engine 4.0L Petrol V6 or Diesel variants
Horsepower 227HP @ 5200 rpm
Torque 260 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm
Transmission 5 speed manual
TLC79 dims