Checkpoint Plus Indoor Jammer

The MLS Checkpoint Plus can be used in a number of scenarios to block cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi signals within designated areas.


Each unit houses up to 6 resource cards that are configurable to jam client specified bands. MLS offers a survey service to determine what signals are present to ensure accurate jamming with the right configuration of equipment.

Key Features

  • Compact installation. The modular system can sit as a low profile piece of office equipment or can be rack mounted with a distributed antenna system.
  • Ease of Use. Once configured the user just needs to turn the system on when required.
  • Reliability. The system is already well tested across Europe and the Middle East. Components are high quality ensuring jamming coverage is stable.
  • Intelligent Jamming. Resource cards are matched to the cellular bands ensuring no wastage of power.
  • Modularity. Can be configured depending on cellular bands in use nationally.
  • Capability. Power amplifiers can be added to increase coverage.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Configurable for customer, 100kHz setting step size. Frequency synthesizer accuracy 5ppm
RF Output Maximum output per card +30dBm +/-1dB, 1dB step, 20dB range
Power Supply 110 to 240V AC (AC to DC converter supplied)
Weight 3kg
Operating Temperature -5 to 45 degrees C