Roomshield IMSI Grabber

The MLS Roomshield works in conjunction with the Checkpoint Plus to allow and block chosen mobile phones.


The Roomshield unit identifies all devices within its range that have an active SIM card. Once identified, the unit is able to either allow the SIM card to continue operating or to block its access to the network.

Key Features

  • Compact installation. The modular system can sit as a low profile piece of office equipment or can be rack mounted with a distributed antenna system.
  • Ease of Use. Once configured the user just needs to turn the system on when required.
  • Reliability. The system is already well tested across Europe and the Middle East. Components are high quality ensuring jamming coverage is stable.
  • Intelligent Jamming. Resource cards are matched to the cellular bands ensuring no wastage of power.
  • Modularity. Can be configured depending on cellular bands in use nationally.
  • Capability. Power amplifiers can be added to increase coverage.

Technical Specifications

Frequency The system cover two GSM bands (900MHz and 1800MHz)
Range Four range settings selected by the user and is typically between 3m-30m (Can be increased with power amplifiers)
Power Supply Internal battery + mains power supply (110-240V AC)
Antennas Omni and Directional
Weight 10kg
Operating Temperature -5 to 45 degrees C