Sentinel-D Drone Jammer

The MLS Sentinel drone jammer system uses similar system architecture to the Sentinel-P and Sentinel-V systems. The system works as a virtual fence against drones entering the perimeter of your infrastructure, jamming all known drone signals up to a height of 1,000m.


Sentinel-D is a cost efficient means to protecting any size of perimeter without interfering with existing legitimate communications devices. The system works either stand alone or can be integrated with other detection systems.

Key Features

  • Ease of installation. Easy installation with only connection to power, ethernet and support structure required.
  • Ease of Use. Can be stand alone or networked.
  • Intelligent Jamming. Relatively low power output provides maximum protection yet is completely safe for those personnel operating in close proximity.
  • Modularity Can be configured depending on the drone frequencies required to be covered.
  • Capability Modules available to cover 500-6000MHz.

Technical Specifications

Frequency 500MHz to 5GHz (Optional to 6GHz)
RF Output Up to 100W
Range Up to 1,000m
Signal Generator Barrage reactive with various waveforms selectable
Power Supply 220V AC or 24V DC
Antennas Multisector directional, omnidirectional
Communication Interface Ethernet