Sentinel-P Portable Jammer

The MLS Sentinel portable hybrid jammer system is a next generation system harnessing the power of the latest in Software Defined Radio architecture. The system combines an extremely flexible and power efficient jamming unit combined with an interception unit capable of scanning for threats extremely quickly all packaged in a wearable system under 20kg.

Choose between fully Active or Hybrid jamming modes dependent on threat. The system has battery charging capabilities for mains and vehicle power as well as a dock to run the system mounted in a vehicle.

Key Features

  • Compact installation. All components including batteries and backpack weigh in under 20kg.
  • Ease of Use. Once the system is filled with the correct mission data an operator can activate the system with the switch of a button. Alarm systems let the operator know if there are any issues.
  • Reliability. The MLS system is field tested and proven with our clients in some of the harshest operational environments on earth.
  • Intelligent Jamming. Relatively low power output provides maximum protection yet is completely safe for those personnel operating in close proximity.
  • Modularity Can be configured depending on the threats required to be covered.
  • Capability. Able to cover between 20-6000MHz.

Technical Specifications

Frequency 20MHz to 3 GHz (optional to 6GHz)
RF Output > 100W
Signal Generator Barrage, Sweep, Direct I/Q Synthesis
Synchronisation GPS
Power Supply 2 x hot-swappable batteries, each 11.6Ah (350Wh)
Power Charger 110-220V AC or 12/24V DC
Environmental Fully MIL-STD-810F
Security AES Encryption, Zeroising, Anti-Tamper