Police & Military

Police and Military Vehicles

MLS offers the full design and manufacture of bespoke armoured police and military vehicles to B7, VPAM and STANAG 4569 specifications. As Police vehicles need to offer higher levels of protection for the likes of SWAT teams and officers responsible for the control of civil unrest, our vehicles are perfect for use in congested streets as well as more rural terrain.


MLS’s engineering and production teams understand the unique intricacies and challenges associated with increasingly high levels of protection required in police and military vehicles. MLS utilizes highly advanced state of the art materials to design and fabricate the client requested protection envelope.


All vehicles feature premium run-flat inserts, upgraded tyres, fuel tank protection, and protection for major engine components (radiator, battery box, fuse box, ECM). Other customized protection options are available on request.

The Viper MRAP is a compact; scalable; high mobility; and multi Role 4×4 vehicle featuring a powerful engine with automatic transmission, and independent suspension. Designed for the toughest terrains and conditions, the vehicle is a true military workhorse featuring some of the industry’s most cutting edge design philosophies and technology.

The Caprivi Range of MRAP vehicles have been designed to provide customers with cutting edge ballistic and blast protection in a class leading vehicle. From the monocoque V-Shaped mine resistant hull technology, to the carefully designed door mechanisms, the Caprivi is the MRAP designed for Soldiers, by Soldiers.

The Shield APC is a world class and field tested vehicle designed for police and peacekeeping operations. Shield combines strength, speed and agility in a high mobility security vehicle designed to provide the characteristics usually only found in military class vehicles, in a compact and capable policing vehicle.

Complementing the Shield APC is the VIP variant that allows a VIP to travel in complete comfort within the protection of a Shield armoured vehicle. From the outside the vehicle looks exactly the same as the APC variant whilst inside the VIP cabin area has two beautifully upholstered chairs with an entertainment and situational awareness suite.


The Cobra APC offers the unique value proposition of a V-Shaped, mine resistant APC built on a reliable and very high performance commercial or MLS proprietary chassis. The Cobra utilises MLS’s design and technology philosophies usually found in its military class vehicles.

The Cobra Double Cabin is built to the same spec as the Cobra APC however with seating for 5 x personnel rather than 8 in the APC. The vehicle features a large rear covered storage area at the rear of the vehicle.

The Scorpion armoured pick up has been designed on a commercial chassis to give a cost effective solution for urban police operations. Seating is provided for the driver, commander and turret gunner whilst the rear pickup bed has a covered storage area.

The Currus APC offers the unique value proposition built on a reliable high performance commercial chassis. The Currus utilises MLS’s design and technology philosophies usually found in its military class vehicles.