Caprivi MRAP Range

The Caprivi Range of MRAP vehicles have been designed to provide clients with cutting edge ballistic and blast protection in a class leading vehicle. From the monocoque V-Shaped mine resistant hull technology, to the carefully designed door mechanisms, the Caprivi is the MRAP designed for Soldiers, by Soldiers.


The Caprivi series of MRAPs are offered in standard configurations such as troop carriers, field ambulance, indirect fire support, recovery, command and control and long range surveillance. The unique design of the vehicle enables any Caprivi to be fully customizable to the end users’ needs and requirements.

Armouring Levels

  • STANAG Level 2 Blast
  • STANAG Level 2 Ballistic

Key Features

  • 16t Curb Weight
  • 2 + Turret + 10 seating Configuration
  • Powerful Engine and Manual or Automatic Gearbox options
  • Steel monocoque V-Shaped hull
  • Dual AC System
  • Gun Ports
  • Seatbelts
  • Up to 2 Turrets per vehicle
  • Comprehensive multizone fire suppression system


  • Personnel Transport
  • Firepower Support
  • Casevac
  • Command and Control
  • Route Clearance Patrol


  • Personnel Carrier
  • Ambulance
  • Indirect Fire Support
  • Recovery
  • Command and Control
  • Long Range Surveillance

Usage Graph


Engine 6.7L Turbo Diesel
Horsepower 266HP @ 2500 rpm
Torque 715 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
Transmission 9 speed manual
Cap Dims