Cobra APC Range

The Cobra APC and Double Cabin Range offers the unique value proposition of a V-shaped, mine resistant APC built on a reliable and very high performance commercial chassis.


The Cobra utilises MLS’s design and technology philosophies usually found in its military class vehicles. With its aggressive features matched with functionality it’s perfect for many government operations in urban areas.

Armouring Levels

  • STANAG Level 2 Blast
  • STANAG Level 2 Ballistic

Key Features

  • Available in either commercial or MLS Chassis
  • 220V Auxiliary AC unit (For running when static)
  • Optional CBRN Tear Gas Filtration System
  • Closed Turret with Gunner Seat
  • Differential Lock
  • Central Tire Inflation System
  • Crew Compartment Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Engine Fire Suppression System
  • Fuel Tank Suppression System
  • “V” Shape Floor System
  • Ammo Rack
  • Secured Rifle Mounts
  • Run Flats
  • Armoured Fuel Tank
  • Engine Ballistic Protection NATO Level I
  • Seats 5 including the gunner and driver (Double Cabin)
  • Seats 8 including driver (APC)


  • Personnel Transport
  • Firepower Support
  • Command and Control
  • Quick Reaction Force Vehicle
  • Border Patrol
  • Checkpoint
  • Police Convoy escort


  • APC 5 door
  • APC 3 door
  • Double Cabin

Usage Graph


Engine 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel
Horsepower 300HP @ 2800 rpm
Torque 660 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
Transmission 6 speed automatic - electronically controlled