Special Vehicles

Specialist Vehicle Conversions

As well as armouring vehicles, Mobile Land Systems also has the experience to carry out technical vehicle conversions. These can range from the armouring of larger buses and trucks for government use to commercial vehicles outfitted with electronics and communications equipment.

The mobile registration vehicle is designed to offer mobile government services around the customer’s country. Based on a commercial chassis the vehicle has comfortable seating in the office area for the operator and two civilians.

The Prisoner Transport Vehicle is designed to securely carry up to 8 prisoners between secure locations. Based on a Mercedes Actros chassis and armoured to customer specifications it is also feature-rich with numerous situational awareness features as standard.

The MLS jamming vehicle is available in both soft skin and armoured configurations. Designed to keep up with VIP convoy speeds the vehicle is fitted with secure communications equipment, situational awareness features and MLS’s own tried and tested Sentinel V jamming system.

The Long Range Surveillance vehicle is a low profile vehicle based on a GMC Yukon Denali XL. The main components of the system are a lightweight 360° X-Band radar integrated with long range daylight and thermal cameras mounted on a pneumatic mast.

The Canine Transportation Unit is designed for hot environments where the health of working dogs during transportation and training is a high priority. With 6 x air-conditioned kennels, working dogs can be transported between locations whilst their kennel temperature can be monitored on the move.

The Canine Trailer transportation unit is designed to transport 8 working dogs along with 8 dog handlers for training and operations away from their home base. The trailer is transported by the customer’s choice of truck tractor.