Canine Semi Trailer

The Canine Trailer transportation unit is designed to transport 8 working dogs along with 8 dog handlers for training and operations away from their home base. The trailer is transported by the customer’s choice of truck tractor.


The trailer has 2 compartments, 1 for the dogs and 1 for the handlers. The dog compartment has 8 air conditioned kennels as well as storage for food and training equipment. The dog handlers compartment has a living space for the 8 handlers as well as a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. With its extendable sides the trailer offers plenty of room for the handlers.

Armouring Levels

  • Unarmoured

Key Features

  • Fully Air Conditioned in all compartments
  • Scene Lighting and telescopic mast spot lights
  • High capacity generator and Auxiliary Power Unit for on the move power
  • Shore Line
  • Auto Acquire satellite TV receiver
  • 2,000 Litre fresh water storage
  • Expandable Pods
  • Hydraulic stabilisation legs
  • Waste Water drainage system
  • Heavy Duty water spray
  • CCTV System


  • Working dog transportation
  • Deployed working dogs kennels and handler accommodation