Canine Transportation Unit

The Canine Transportation Unit is designed for hot environments where the health of working dogs during transportation and training is a high priority. With 6 x air-conditioned kennels, working dogs can be transported between locations whilst their kennel temperature can be monitored on the move by the driver / co driver.


Fitted with a high capacity generator the vehicle systems including the AC system can be run with the vehicle’s engine turned off.

Armouring Levels

  • Unarmoured

Key Features

  • Police Lights
  • Scene Lighting
  • Kennel Inner Gates
  • Dimmable LED Kennel Lighting
  • Kennel Ramps
  • Waste Water drainage system
  • Kennel Emergency exit hatches
  • 320 Litre Fresh Water Tank
  • Heavy Duty water spray
  • 8kW Silent Running Generator
  • Shore Line
  • Kennel Overheat alarms


  • Working dogs transport