Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series

One of the most dependable vehicles on the planet, the Toyota Land Cruiser is legendary for its ability to transport its occupants safely through almost any terrain.


MLS has been armouring Toyota Land Cruiser 200s for clients around the world since 2008, becoming one of the most popular up-armoured SUVs on the market.


Various grades are available from Toyota LC 200, including the basic G series, the medium spec GXR, and fully loaded VXR/VXR-i. In addition to left hand drive models, MLS can also supply armoured right hand drive vehicles as well. The 5.7 litre petrol engine is the preferred powerplant for most clients, the 1VD 4.5l twin turbo diesel V8 engine is also available. The Toyota is available up to VPAM 10 armouring levels.

Armouring Levels

  • B7
  • VPAM 10

Key Features

  • Ultra thin 63mm B7 glass
  • Multi Zone fire suppression system
  • PA system
  • Optional Covert Gun Ports
  • Custom produced internal panels to maintain OEM style and quality
  • Exterior / interior concealed intercom system
  • Dual batteries with isolation switches
  • Combat Locks
  • Concealed escape hatch

Variants & Applications

  • Personnel Transport
  • VIP Transport
  • Escort Vehicle

Engine 5.7L V8 Petrol
Horsepower 381HP @ 5600rpm
Torque 401 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm
Transmission 8 speed automatic - shiftable automatic
VXR dims