Sentinel-V Vehicle Fitted Jammer

The MLS Sentinel-V vehicle hybrid jammer system is a next generation system harnessing the power of the latest in Software Defined Radio architecture. The system combines an extremely flexible and power efficient jamming unit combined with an interception unit capable of scanning for threats extremely quickly.


Choose between fully Active, Reactive or Hybrid jamming modes dependent on concept of operations. Exciters and amplifiers are modular and so a system can be built to customer requirements.

Key Features

  • Compact installation. The modular system integrates into the cargo area of a vehicle with minimal need for additional cabling to be run.
  • Ease of Use. The system is provided with a remote viewing tablet that can be used from the front passenger’s seat. From here the passenger can control everything necessary for the operation of the system.
  • Reliability. The MLS system is field tested and proven with our clients in some of the harshest operational environments on earth.
  • Intelligent Jamming. Relatively low power output provides maximum protection yet is completely safe for those personnel operating in close proximity.
  • Modularity Can be configured depending on the threats required to be covered.
  • Capability Modules available to cover 20-6000MHz.

Technical Specifications

Frequency 20MHz to 6GHz
RF Output Modular up to 1,000W
Signal Generator Barrage, Sweep, Direct I/Q Synthesis
Synchronisation GPS
Power Supply 220V AC or 24V DC
Environmental Fully MIL-STD-810F
Security AES Encryption, Zeroising, Anti-Tamper