Long Range Surveillance Vehicle

The Long Range Surveillance vehicle is a low profile vehicle based on a GMC Yukon Denali XL. The main components of the system are a lightweight 360° X-Band radar integrated with long range daylight and thermal cameras mounted on a pneumatic mast.


The vehicle is ideal for providing vulnerable point security during convoy moves as well as providing a fully integrated mobile surveillance system for VIPs at temporary locations.

Armouring Levels

  • Unarmoured
  • B7
  • VPAM 10

Key Features

Radar Detection ranges

  • Man 5 km
  • Vehicle 15 km

System features

  • High Definition Day Camera & Night Camera
  • Pneumatic Mast
  • Front and Rear IR illuminated rugged cameras linked to secure networked video recorder
  • Alarm button linked to Ops Room
  • Secure MESH network radios
  • PA System and police lights
  • 24V auxiliary battery system
  • Hydraulic stabilizing legs for camera stabilization.


  • VIP Convoy Security
  • Deployable Surveillance